Welcome to my blog

Hi there. Welcome to my new site. 

Some of you know me through Paint N Sip events which I have been teaching for the past five years. I absolutely love what I do. Mostly because I have the best clients that I could ever ask for. 

What you may not know is that before I started teaching Paint N Sip events, I was an airbrush artist for 25 years. I started airbrushing in a mall in Tennessee near the Nascar Raceway in Bristol Tennessee. I painted everything from t-shirts to tractor trailers. 

Due to a medical condition with my arm, I had to give up airbrushing. I was devastated. It was my life, my passion!

After much soul searching and time, I moved on to Paint N Sip events after stumbling across the idea while in North Myrtle Beach. What a perfect job for me to continue my love for painting and share it with others. I can still create, paint with other people, teach in a fun environment, drink a little and just have fun and share an experience with others. 

Fast forward to today.....I am excited to continue with Paint N Sips now that the country is opening back up. It is so exciting to see people get back to normal life. 

Through the pandemic I had a chance to rediscover myself as an artist. I have always painted what other people commissioned me to paint. I thank God for each and every person who has supported me through my career. Without you, I would not be where I am today. 

I have decided to take my art to the next level. I have worked with acrylics for many years and now I am also working with Epoxy Resin. The combination has endless creative possibilities.

I will be sharing my journey and my art with you along with some collaborations with 4 generations of family members creating together.

Thank you all for your past support and I hope you will "Like", "Subscribe" and "Share" as we travel through this creative journey together.